Thoughts on the Munster exit

Driving to the game on Saturday with the kids and hitting traffic outside Johnstown as it crawls towards Nass, you get the feeling this  is going to be one of those extraordinary day’s for Munster and it legion of fans, 98% of the cars had at least 2 people wearing red, car flags were everywhere bus loads of fans stuck in between the thousands of cars, a joy to see but also stressful as we were all going nowhere fast, except for the idiots that used the hard shoulder to gain a few minutes advantage.  Thankfully we made it in time for the start, unlike many many other fans who missed the 1st half due to the traffic.

Arriving in the ground and getting to our seats and to see close to 50,000 Munster fans in Lansdowne road last Saturday was an image I will never forget, it was like Cardiff in 2006.

For Munster to be in anyway close to the top sides next season, they must invest heavily to bring a world class 9/10/11/12/13/15

Murray was a massive loss and with respect to Williams, he isn’t on the same level as Murray, that was plain and painful to see on Saturday, his box kicks got worse as the game went on. Slow ball didn’t help, Bleyendaal had his worst game of the season Taute & Scannell were poor, Zebo was excellent in defence but his run and spin when attacking is now easily defended when playing the better sides, as a result he spilt a lot of ball. A 12/13 combination like in the glory days 10 plus years ago is needed and fast. Siali and Taute aren’t the guys to do that, both break formation in defence and don’t create attacking chances which was clear to see against Saracens. Earls is a wonderful servant to the game, but he is starved of ball with the current game plan Munster have adopted.

Forwards especially 2/4/5 can be brought in too. CJ (who is becoming more and more like Axel with every game) & O Mahony are the foundations that need to be built on, the development and academy set up isn’t giving the quality of player needed to do this.

The question is do Munster have the cash? probably not, would the irfu help? doubtful. Part of me thinks it’s time Munster broke away from the shackles of the irfu and go it alone, break all links with the clubs and Munster branch, unless you are content to be in with a chance of winning the Pro12 every season, but success in Europe is what we all want, but I can’t see that happening for a long time.

For now all efforts must be made to ensure a home semi final in the Pro12 and to progress to the Final on May 27th where we will crawl our way along the M7 M8 & M9 to Ballsbridge.



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